ProChef Coconut Oil

    Coconut oil, perfect for an exotic twist

    ProChef Extra Virgin Coconut oil has a natural, rich taste and can be used in all types of cooking where a coconut flavour is desired. It’s a perfect way to give you meal an exotic twist without spending ages in the kitchen. Just a quick spray of ProChef Coconut oil is all you need. Excellent for those who are health conscious as Prochef Coconut Oil is Cholesterol free. Prochef Coconut oil is also Halal and Kosher certified.

    Here are some ways to add that island twist

    Spray ProChef Coconut oil onto cooked plain rice and toss it throughout for a boost of flavour (and spray the insides of your rice cooker to keep it from sticking to the bottom!)

    Make a skewer of prawns and cover with a good spray of ProChef Coconut oil before BBQ-ing

    Add some coconut flavour to Asian-style salads or noodle dishes by spraying all over your finished dish. Toss all the ingredients together to spread the coconutty taste throughout.