ProChef Canola Oil

    Canola Oil, the all rounder.

    ProChef Canola Oil is a versatile, non-stick cooking spray which has a range of cooking uses. It will not alter the taste of your food so ProChef Canola Oil can be used for cooking both sweet and savoury dishes – from greasing cake tins to pan frying.
    With so many uses, ProChef Canola should be a staple in every Australian kitchen!

    Great ways to use ProChef Canola Oil include:

    Make greasing the inside of baking tins and muffin moulds effortless by spraying with ProChef Canola for easy release of your baked goodies
    Spray your sandwich press, waffle iron, pancake or crepe maker to stop your food sticking to the appliance
    Give your homemade banana bread a nice golden finish by spraying the top of your banana loaf before you put it in the oven to bake